I like webcomics, that’s no secret. Most of my links go to comics. That I like these comics, doens’t mean everyone would. They’re mostly about Roleplaying games (Dungeons and Dragons), or computergames (which includes roleplaying at times), or movies and books that geeks like me are a fan of. (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and so on.) In some cases, a comic includes all of the above. Like Player vs. Player, a comic that’s about the staff of a gamingmagazine. (Another dimension in which I love it, the magazine isn’t really the focus of the strip, but as an editorial graphic designer (sounds impressive, doesn’t it) I can still chuckle about it.)

When I really love a comic I might actually buy merchandice. (I own all Order of the Stick books, two shirts (featuring Belkar and the Monster in the Darkness), and the digital version of the Goblins books.) In the photo above I’m friends with Skull, a lovable troll who is a part of the PvP cast. (I’m also wearing a t-shirt with Scratch Fury, Destroyer of Worlds, Skulls cat, on it.) The order was late, and I was really worried that something had gone wrong and I wouldn’t get my Skullplushie and t-shirt. I was allready sending emails to the creator (Scott Kurtz) of PvP about what happened and why my order hadn’t arrived yet. But everything turned out O.K. and I felt a little sheepish when it arrived two days after I sent my second email. (Because ordering from the States to the Netherlands can take a while, and who knows why it took so long?) I’m just really glad with my order, I even got the funpack for free! (A magnet, stickers and keychains.) Because the international shippingcosts would equel the price so Kurtz is sending it with large orders for free. Yay!


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