In which Eefje falls down and decides to get up again


Sometimes life just get’s the better of me. It can be overwhelming, and keeping control of all the balls I’m juggling is hard. I try though, and I keep trying even when I drop a ball (or two).
After all, all you can do when you fall down is get up again. Just know that I’m sorry if you happen to be one of the people riding a dropped ball of mine. I promise I’ll pick you up again as soon as I’m on my feet again.

I’m really busy with packing up and moving, and my birthday is coming up in two days as well! I’ll leave the celebrating until I’m settled in my new home though. I have too much stuff! But my new apartment is awesome, so all the crappy parts of moving are worth it.

Back to life

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More later, am still full of ROCK!

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