…Christmas and a happy new year to all.

Even though I’m sickly and all, Christmas is here and all’s right.


I love the quirky. The whole weird yet cool appeals to me. I like to think of myself as kinda quirky, although sometimes I suspect it’s just me being a pretentious twat. Oh well.

Here are some individuals on the interwebs who I find deliciously quirky!

Elyse Sewell, you might remember her from her participation on the very first America’s next topmodel, but she has long since left those times behind. She’s a real model now, who works a lot in China and writes about that and anything else that strikes her fancy. Her pictures of strange foodthings are a lot of fun.

Matthew Gray Gubler, known to most of us as Dr. Spencer Reid on the really nice hitshow Criminal Minds, also spends a lot of time making watercolourportraits and other strange artworks, which make me want to throw out my own sketchbook.

And after googling the name of the photographer Elyse mentioned in a recent post (Baldovino Barani), I found his site. His shoots are aswesome! Would that I’ll ever be half as good as him.

When it comes to photograpy, there are many good photographers I admire, but Nirrimi (portfolio, Flickr) deserves special mention. I love every photo she uploads, both the photograpy and the editting. And she’s just sixteen. I don’t remember doing anything special when I was sixteen, let alone be this good at creating something so beautiful als Nirrimi’s pictures.


How crazy am I if everytime I look at my Christmastree I get insanely happy?
It’s just so pretty! And nice and warm. (But then, that is kind of the point of a christmastree, to get some green and some light in your house during the dark and cold winter.) I’ll take some pictures (pics or it didn’t happen!) of it soon so you can all see how pretty it really is. I love that I room enough for a ‘real’ (it’s a fake) Christmastree, even if it’s a little one. (It’s 1.20m and I think that’s the perfect size.) It’s my very own and I picked out the ornaments and decorated it myself.

I love Christmas. I know lot’s of people celebrate it with presents and all that, but in my family, the presents are a part of Sinterklaas (shorter version by one of my Flickrcontacts), and Christmas is more about the other traditions (both are about spending time with eachother). I’m a familygirl, I have a great family and love hanging out with them. At Christmas (either the first or second day) my parents cook a fantasic, restaurantlike dinner for all of us. And we’ll watch movies, or go for a walk, or play boardgames. On Christmas eve I sometimes (haven’t gone every year) accompany my parents to a church of their choice for the evening mass/service. My brothers usually also have a Christmascelebration at their girlfriends family, so their Christmas is a bit busier than mine.
You know how some people get all lonely when they don’t have an SO at Christmastime? I never mind, my family makes me feel awesome!

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