How crazy am I if everytime I look at my Christmastree I get insanely happy?
It’s just so pretty! And nice and warm. (But then, that is kind of the point of a christmastree, to get some green and some light in your house during the dark and cold winter.) I’ll take some pictures (pics or it didn’t happen!) of it soon so you can all see how pretty it really is. I love that I room enough for a ‘real’ (it’s a fake) Christmastree, even if it’s a little one. (It’s 1.20m and I think that’s the perfect size.) It’s my very own and I picked out the ornaments and decorated it myself.

I love Christmas. I know lot’s of people celebrate it with presents and all that, but in my family, the presents are a part of Sinterklaas (shorter version by one of my Flickrcontacts), and Christmas is more about the other traditions (both are about spending time with eachother). I’m a familygirl, I have a great family and love hanging out with them. At Christmas (either the first or second day) my parents cook a fantasic, restaurantlike dinner for all of us. And we’ll watch movies, or go for a walk, or play boardgames. On Christmas eve I sometimes (haven’t gone every year) accompany my parents to a church of their choice for the evening mass/service. My brothers usually also have a Christmascelebration at their girlfriends family, so their Christmas is a bit busier than mine.
You know how some people get all lonely when they don’t have an SO at Christmastime? I never mind, my family makes me feel awesome!


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