Missing a train late at night sucks

Waiting sucks

My metro was 2 minutes early, resulting in me missing it and my train connection. I had to wait for the next one (30 min. later). I was tired and upset and bored so I wasted 5 € in a photobooth just to keep me busy for a few minutes. The curtain of the booth was ripped off, and despite the late hour there were some people in the station. I felt very selfconcious and thus the pictures sucked. Oh wel…


2 thoughts on “Missing a train late at night sucks

  1. hey that sucks that you missed your train…but i love the pics in the photobooth. I wish we had more photobooths here but we barely have any. still 5 euro is a lot for a photobooth especiallly when its only like three dollars here…I’ve been to germany and its crazy when trying to go from dollars to euros.

    • Hey, nice of you to drop by. 🙂 We mainly have photobooths on trainstations, and they’re mostly fun if you stash as many people you can into them. 🙂 3 dollars would be a much better price!
      Going from one currency to an other through an unfortunate exchange rate isn’t very fun. I’ve been in London last weekend on a trip, and spend pounds like they were euro’s, but they’re just a bit more…it can add up.

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