Art Journal


It’s wonderful sitting
with candlelight
calm wintersnow outside
in here there’s only warmth
dancing around
There’s no sound
All’s well

I’ve (re)discovered the joy of creating. Drawing, painting, writing. And all that and more combined in art journalling. It makes me so happy! It doesn’t have to be complicated to be pure and good. And you can learn so much by just doing it, and keep doing it. Discover your own style, learn from what you see around you.

Right now I am following a workshop at Suzi Blu’s Les Petit Academy, and I’ve learned loads. She is a great teacher and she is very inspiring, and she showed me that this is something that is very important to me. I knew that already, but sometimes it’s easy to sort of forget. I love making art. Creating helps me express the joy I have in life. Mixed media is awesome. I never quite understood why there are people who only work with one kind of material. It’s all awesome and I want to use it all.

Who is this Suzi Blu I speak of? Check out her youtube channel to see if you find her as inspiring as I do.

A bit more London

Millenium Bridge

Trees & Thames

How bad is it that I still haven’t finished editing and uploading my London photos, I was there only a weekend in June. That’s not nearly as much pictures as, say, my Paris pics from a year and a half ago… which I haven’t finished either. But that was two weeks of intensive shooting! Really!
(Taizé photos from this juli also exist, just not where anyone can see them…)

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