This week I am a winner.

Biggest thing that happened, my godchild was born! I’m a fairy godmother to a beautiful little girl. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to put on a princess dress and dance around the garden with me. (Or put on overalls and climb trees, both are valid as awesome fun.)

I also won a give-away. Yay! I’m so lucky. Sometimes things just come together. As soon as Felix and Bubbles arrive I’ll take some photos of them in their new habitat. 😉

Yes, I win at life. 😀

Over reizen en een auto

Ik heb sinds mijn eenentwintigste mijn rijbewijs. Maar ik woon in het centrum van Utrecht en op één broer na woont al mijn directe familie op fietsafstand. Ik werk in Amsterdam, maar daar ga ik altijd met de trein heen.

Ik heb al meer dan twee jaar niet meer gereden en zou nu niet meer zeker achter het stuur gaan zitten. Hoe langer ik wacht met weer gaan rijden, hoe erger dat wordt. Ik vind dit niet leuk.

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Skirts and skeevy men

Why is it that me wearing a skirt and high heels seems to invite men to suddenly act very skeevy?

These men wouldn’t look at me in the same way (at least not openly) if I’m wearing jeans and sneakers, even though they fit me just as well and I am most definitely the same woman. But as soon as I go out in a skirt I attract (age-inappropriate) men who look at me skeevy and suddenly out of nowhere tell me I’m sexy. I do not need a random dude telling me this. You’re allowed have an opinion of course, but why do you suddenly feel the need to tell it to me?

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If at first you don’t succeed…

My Moleskine exchange group kinda died. (I am quite sad about it, I was very enthusiastic about it.) So now I’m getting a new group together and we’re starting anew! Still on the same blog, but with new people, new books and new themes. I really hope it’s going to work this time! My new buddies are still waiting for their books to get delivered so they can start, but I already have my book and am working on it. My theme: Villans!

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