Once in a while the music-guy at Metro collects all the cds that have been sent to him but he won’t actually listen to/write about (he has to be selective and only focus on what he and our readers would find interesting, he simply can’t listen to it all) is put in a big box for everybody to root around in and take home what they would like. I’ve found some gems that way (Julia Marcell and Vashti Bunyan, who fit in my personal musical landscape perfectly) and some stuff that was o.k. but not very interesting (I mostly forget about having those in my iTunes). Most of the artists are unknown (at least to me), and I select purely on if I like the cover-art. It’s amazing what you can tell about the music purely from how the case looks. I’m pretty stoked with my picks this time:

Joseph_Arthur_The_Graduation_Ceremony  Young_the_Giant
The_Deaf_Toot_Whistle_Plunk_Boom  Heathers_Here_Not_There
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