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Apple cake

The apple cake I baked! Tonight, my best friend is coming over and we’re going to eat it. OMNOMNOM. It’s a simple recipe (I got it from here – it’s in Dutch) and I’ve made it before. All I did was replace the dairy with somethings soy-based so my friend can eat it (she’s lactose intolerant) and put in more cardamon and cinnamon because I love the stronger taste of it.

In other news, I’m still crocheting a lot.


This blankie is my current project. It’s a ripple pattern, something I’ve wanted to try eversince reading this post on Dottie Angels blog. I was having some trouble understanding it well enough to make it work, untill I found this excellent written out version of the pattern that even little slow me can understand.
I’ve had these cotton strands for ages, bought them on a whim because I really liked the colour combinations, and I’ve finally found a project they’re awesome for. But now I’m running out and I have to go to the store as stoon as I can and hope that my colours are still available…
Once I’ve understood the pattern it became very enjoyable to crochet, it’s almost like meditation! I think I’ll be crocheting little and larger blankies for a long time to come.


Lately I’ve been trying to make ‘real’ journal pages instead of just drawings (of mostly girl-heads) in my Moleskine. Inspired by how AnnaDenise describes her process in her three Art Journal 101 posts I visually try to describe (pieces of) my life. I’m still a little shaky on what subject to pick and how to show them, which is why I don’t make one per day like she does, but just according to the subject I’m thinking about.
I try my best not to emulate her too much, I want to make pages that are wholly my own. So far, it’s just really fun. 🙂
I want to keep it up, to keep challenging myself and stimulate my ‘art-muscles’ (my real muscles need stimulation too, which is a more difficult project for a lazy person like me).

Knit & Crochet

criminal minds

Deciding on colours

Woolly things


My niece, my godchild will be baptised next week. I want give her a gift that’s extra special coming from her fairy godmother. And since winter is supposed to come soon (just because summer and autumn have seemingly switched places we still have to assume winter will come sometime) I decided to crochet a little blanket of love for her.
I’ve never made a blanket before (but dottie angel made it seem so simple in her book! and I checked out some of Teresa’s relevant videos) so I didn’t know how much wool I would need. I just went to my local wool/knitting/crochet store and picked out some lovely colours and a matching size hook and started to work. It was easier than I expected, and I’ve already gotten 12 of the 16 planned squares done, and I’m running out of wool. The little bits on the photo are all I’ve got left. I’m gonna need more wool! (Gonna need a bigger boat.)

It’s Sunday, and although it’s the first Sunday of the month and stores are allowed to be open, I doubt my little knitting supplies store is among them. I will go anyway and hope for the best. I really want to continue working on the blanket now! I don’t want to have to wait a whole day! (Ain’t first world problems grand.)

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