I’ve finally gotten a day when I’m at home during daylight hours, and it’s a miserable misty grey day. But I did not want to wait any longer to photograph my latest cuddlies. I’ve been crocheting again and here are the results:


I started with a pointy nose and my idea’s about what kind of animal/creature it would be changed at least four times during the making of it. That’s probably why I don’t really know what it is. Crochet with cotton yarn, glass bead eyes, felt pouch and ears (sewn on) and cute buttons to attach the limbs). In the pouch is a turnip-looking thingy. (It has a pouch, so something needed to be in it.)

Lil' Octo

You might recall this octopus, well it just got a little sibling. It’s smaller and I really like how this one turned out. I’m thinking about making some more in different colours to give as gifts or something. Crocheted with hooked spaghetti, felt and googly eyes.

My moms Pfaff


My parents came over and surprised me with roses! They also gave me my moms old sewing machine which I’d asked for. It has been gathering dust for years, so I’m working on cleaning it and learning how it works. Thank god that my stepmom was able to find the instruction manual! It’s quite complicated to me, I’ve never really used a sewing machine before and this one has a lot of options.
I plan on using it to make things like plushies. I’ll have to create a good workingspace for it, it’s important when using a sewing machine you can sit comfortably and use both hands and the foot pedal. I need space and light and hopefully I’ll be able to magically create that. (The table it’s on right now is at bar hight, not so handy when you’ve got to use a foot pedal.)
It would be a good idea to take part in a sewing course, learning how it works from someone who knows how to teach it seems like a good plan. Maybe I’ll even be able to sew skirts and the like if I learn it properly.
My cousin is a pretty good seamstress so we’ve made a date to drink tea and figure out the machine together. I’ve got to start somewhere. 🙂

Messing about with fabric

See here, the result of my first attempts at sewing:

Erwin the zebra-dog and cuddle-bishop

The first one I made was the bishop. Once I had the general shape of him I thought It looked like a head with a hat, a really tall one like Sinterklaas wears (mijter). So I made it a bishops hat, and I learned to be careful because not every fabric can take getting needle-felted on. Which is why I took a regular piece of felt for the cross and put the needle felting wool on that and glued it on. So then I had to give him a face, and I just tried embroidery like I was drawing it. I’m quite happy with the result, I think I want to learn more about free-hand embroidery (not cross-stitch) because I feel at ease with it.

The actual sewing I feel I’m not really good at yet. My stitches are very sloppy and I feel I need to know more about different techniques and what to pay attention to going in.

The second fella on the photo there is called Erwin the zebra-dog. Like the bishop I made him out of fabric that used to be in clothing I now can’t wear any more (tears in stupid places and the like). His eyes I needle felted into shape (on the side) before I used the embroidery to stitch them on. I had actually made them for the bishop but felt they didn’t work there. They work here, again I’m most happy with the embroidery. I like the end result, yes my stitching is sloppy and probably not very good, but that doesn’t interfere with the character of Erwin.
I named him after Erwin Nyhoff, who’s currently a contestant on The Voice of Holland because I feel there is something sweetly doggy about him. And he can make me cry with his voice he’s such a good singer.


I love the word murmur. It’s soft, feels like the sound it describes and it’s repetition makes it look cute.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

You’ve probably already seen this video somewhere else. I myself saw it on Swiss Miss first. I find it incredibly inspiring and I’ve watched it multiple times. I wanted to reflect it in my art journal, and this is the result:


Of course, I don’t actually know what starlings look like up close so I just followed my pencil where it took me, including apparently something resembling a puffin.

Trying out my new mechanical pencil and my new water brush (over water colour pencils).

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