A tale of reading Uppercase and different types of techniques

As I’m joyfully reading through Uppercase magazine #11, I’m inspired by all the different artist and the beautiful and interesting things they create. I have the same thing while reading the book Indie Craft, a book celebrating artist who use traditional hancraft techniques in contemporary ways. It’s the reason I’ve finally started messing about with fabrics after thinking about it for a while. I’ve only just started and I have so much to learn about all the different possibilties and how to combine them and see if it works.
There’s always a learning curve. With everything new, every skill and technique takes time to master, even if you just want a grip on the basics. So when I’m reading an Uppercase number about sharp tools and how artist use them in different techniques and I’m loving the result of their hard work I get the desire to want to learn how to make woodcuts and the like too! Hell, everytime I visit ninainvorm I want to try out screenprinting for myself, and also make lovely colourful childrens clothes. I’ve barely started on trying out one thing, and several more new ways of making things have logged themselfs in my brain.
Maybe it’s lucky I have no idea where to start with some of them. I can’t try them all at once, and I’ll never master any technique if I keep flitting about from one to the other like a fairy with a very short attention span. Yes all the flowers are lovely, but which one is going to be your home?
As far as ‘problems’ go however, if being inspired by and wanting to try too many things is the biggest worry on my mind, then I am very happy indeed. 🙂


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