I started a new project about bookmarks and libraries

Some of you might remember this post (warning: Dutch) in which I explain an idea for making bookmarks for library books. It’s been almost three years since I came up with it but I never really did anything with it, until now. Discovering the vlogbrothers and Nerdfighteria inspired me to not let what I think is an awesome idea go to waste and to at least try it. I’ve started a separate blog for it, please go check it out! (It’s all in English.)

So this is the concept:

1• Get blanc cards.
2• Be a member of the library.
3• Borrow a book and read it.
4• Take one of your cards and make a bookmark out of it that relates to the book you’ve just read. You can draw, paint, play with typography or just write, be creative!
5• Scan/Take a picture of the bookmark.
6• Put the image in a blog post on I found a bookmark and write about what in the book inspired you for the bookmark.
7• Write the link to the blog on the back of the bookmark.
8• Put your bookmark in the library book and return it to your library.
9• Repeat steps 1-8.


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