It took me a long time to upload this video, I always have to convert the files from my camcorder in handbrake to a format my imovie can handle, but this one was just to heavy to import apparently. So I just gave up on any kind of editing and uploaded it like it is, in all it’s stupid drunkenness.

We got really drunk, and made stupid jokes and not very good music. (Normally Thomas and Ben are much better.) It was awesome, we should visit Ben in Paris more often. 🙂 I am terrible at recording video, as seen from me taping Thomas’s trousers while searching for my beer. All the comments on the percentage of smiles are in reference to my camcorders smile-o-meter.

I present to you: Thomas (Dutch) + Ben (French) + Bear (Stuffed) playing Falling Slowly (among other things). I think that Thomas is secretly a Nerdfighter, what with the putting of things on his head. (Susan had already gone to bed like the smart person she is and slept through all our ruckus.)

One of my favorite youtubers ( Booksandquills ) filmed a lot of the two meetings with John Green, and editted her favorite moments together. I was in the second meeting, so the shots in which you can see the table with John’s beer on it I was present for. (You’ll hear him talk about the falling flowers I mentioned in my last post.)

Thoughts and meeting John Green

Yesterday I got to go to a meet and greet with John Green in Amsterdam. It was incredibly awesome to see him in person and to get to interact with him. It felt familiar because he came across just like he does in his videos, and I love his videos so I’m glad it was like that.

There were some lovely observations coming out of the q&a one of which resonated with me quite a bit. It was about how important it is to keep noticing things in your surroundings, other people but also just beautiful amazing things like flowers falling out of the sky (from trees). I remarked (my one question) about how it’s easier to notice stuff if you’re new to the area, if you live somewhere you get used to how it looks even when it’s beautiful or special. John agreed and also challenged me to find something beautiful where he lives (which I’m sure I could albeit on a different scale then the beautifulness of Amsterdam) but that it is important to keep being amazed by our surroundings, which is just easier when you’re travelling.

And I’m still thinking of this (maybe that’s why I’m awake at 6.30 am on a Saturday, OH GOD WHY, BRAIN?) because it is a very normal human thing to get used to the things you see every day, so that even when they’re awesome they’re not special anymore. And while I agree with John that it’s important to keep being amazed at things (this world man, have you SEEN it? Dude!) I do feel that it’s a good thing our brains work in a way that makes us get used to amazing things. If we all were constantly amazed at the world, nobody could ever get anything done. And people need to do stuff like work and take care of other people and make things for future generations for them to be amazed at.
So yes, once in a while, remember to be amazed at the awesomeness of your surroundings, the rest of the time: do stuff that needs to be done. 🙂

I also sometimes walk around the city centre of Utrecht with it’s pretty medieval buildings and I do think about how beautiful it all is in a way that makes me go: “How cool is it that all of this is normal for me!” And then realise that not everybody get to live in a place like this (or would feel at home in it). And that is also something important to realise, that other people have different (yet equally complex) lives. It’s easy to forget that sometimes.

I love that meeting with John makes me think all these things. It is often a result from watching his videos as well (Hanks too!) but it has a bigger impact coming from an in person meeting like this.

Also someone else’s question about the story of Hazel after TFIOS made me wonder if there are people writing fanfiction about John Greens work (which for some reason strikes me as hilarious, I don’t know why).

This was my first nerdfighter gathering, and at first I was kind of nervous about being there on my own (I haven’t actually started TFIOS yet and I didn’t want to get spoiled), but I easily got to talking with the other nerdfighters there and had a wonderful evening (and didn’t really get spoiled). John was very animated despite being awake for two days straight (I would be a cranky mess) and I loved sharing in this fandom. I usually fan over things on my own at home. It is not often something I get to share. He signed two books for me, one for me, the other for a gift I’m going to give and was very nice. Out of regard for how much he always has to sign I didn’t bring all his books that I own although I was tempted to do so. That poor man’s wrist.

Photo’s of stuff

A post with a bunch of random photos that don’t really go together but that I want to share.

Dead mouse

I have mouse-issues, they invade my home and try to eat my stuff and poop on everything. They make noise and stink. It’s unhealthy to just let them take over.
But some of them look so cuddly I feel sad about having to kill them to fight of their invasion.


I bought this second hand chest to house (most of) my art supplies. According to a lady on the bus I took it on, it was what people in ‘grandmothers time’ used to keep their sewing supplies in.

Aqua markers

Got some new aqua markers today, trying them out. When I was in the store I was so intent on selecting colours I didn’t realise that out of the ten I chose five were actually pro markers, not aqua. Don’t worry I’m just going to add the pro markers to my copic marker selection, and have just five aqua markers for now. So far I really like them.

Also: #thehatadventures continue!

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