The look of Nifty Eef

I’m thinking about trying out a new look for Nifty Eef, I’m getting a bit tired of the current one. I mean, I’ve had this theme since the beginning (four years!) so a change might even be a little overdue. 🙂 I’m just going to browse the themes untill I find one that fits well. Hopefully there won’t be any weird things when I’m trying things out, but it might happen. If you see something strange, leave a comment here!

I like that it’s simple here at I spend my days working on newspaper lay-out and when I get home I want to do different things. So while design is important for me, I’m not really feeling trying to learn all sorts of new things just to be able to design my own website when there are already so many cool themes available for me. I am interested in learning CSS and the like some day, but right now it takes a back-seat to all the other things I want to learn (sewing!) and do (I found a bookmark!).

So for now, I’m just going to try out themes made by people more awesome at webdesign then I will be for a very long time.


4 thoughts on “The look of Nifty Eef

  1. For now I’ve chosen a new theme, let’s see how it works and if we like it! (If not I have a short list of other possible themes.)

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