Photo’s of stuff

A post with a bunch of random photos that don’t really go together but that I want to share.

Dead mouse

I have mouse-issues, they invade my home and try to eat my stuff and poop on everything. They make noise and stink. It’s unhealthy to just let them take over.
But some of them look so cuddly I feel sad about having to kill them to fight of their invasion.


I bought this second hand chest to house (most of) my art supplies. According to a lady on the bus I took it on, it was what people in ‘grandmothers time’ used to keep their sewing supplies in.

Aqua markers

Got some new aqua markers today, trying them out. When I was in the store I was so intent on selecting colours I didn’t realise that out of the ten I chose five were actually pro markers, not aqua. Don’t worry I’m just going to add the pro markers to my copic marker selection, and have just five aqua markers for now. So far I really like them.

Also: #thehatadventures continue!

The lovely Starbucks-girl drew his portrait. #thehatadventures

The hat spend yesterday reading with friends. #thehatadventures

Exploring Utrecht with his friends. #thehatadventures

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, your hair is lovely!” The hat should learn when to keep it’s mouth shut. #thehatadventures


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