A story about a birthday gift

a doll and a dress

This was my favourite doll for a long time when I was a child. I’ve had her for as long as I can remember and her name was Mamma-pop (Mummy-doll). This has always seemed a very logical name to me, I must have named her when I was so young that all I could think of for a name was the chief female influence in my life, my mum. She used to go into the bath with me, I’ve washed her hair countless times. And every time after the bath one of my parents had to twist off her leg so that all the water that had gotten inside her could pour out. As a result her leg can’t take much more twisting off and her hair has gone a bit coarse. She is a very well loved doll and she wasn’t made to sit in an attic or closet. She was made to be played with.

So I’ve cleaned her up, made her a special new dress and matching headband, and gave her as a gift to my niece for her second birthday. Now I don’t know if she likes her and will play with her. She got a lot of presents and every new one pushed the previous one aside. I was also not the only one to give her a doll so who knows which one she’ll prefer? (But mine was the largest, and I think that counts.) I don’t know whether my niece will love the doll just as much as I did or what name she’ll choose if she want a new one, but I hope that one day she’ll know what giving her this doll meant for me. She’s my godchild and I want to give her the joy I had as a child.

a doll and a dress

I was very happy with my work on the dress, it was the first time I tried making such a garment and to make things harder on myself I just had to go and get a pattern that I had to adjust for size. I got the pattern (Fiona Baby Sundress) for free at Very Pink Knits. The youtube instructional videos have been such an amazing help in my journey of becoming a more proficient knitter, so if you like knitting check them out!

a doll and a dress


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