My first filmroll

Opening act: Lisa Hannigan

Thomas and Lisa

The results of my first film roll trying lomography!
You can see all of it at my lomohome. A lot of the photos I took at the Glen Hansard concert are not clear, but that was to be expected. I like the photos because of the energy they show. 🙂
The black and white 35mm film I talked about here is unfortunately missing. The photolab I’ve chosen for developing doesn’t do black and white film, so I had to go somewhere else. And all the others I’ve found all send it off to a big lab somewhere anyway so I figured I’d try a big one that does a lot. But when I went to pick up the developed roll this morning it was nowhere to be found. I’ve filled out a form and now they are going to look at the lab to see if it’s still there or if they sent it to the wrong store or whatever. I hope they find it soon! I’m so very curious to see how I did with the different format and the black and white.

I’ve since gotten a second 120mm roll developed, and I’m waiting for my new scanner to arrive so I can start scanning my own film.

A view


2 thoughts on “My first filmroll

  1. They turned out very nice, I think 😀 I delivered my first filmroll yesterday.. and I’m so excited now, but they will not be done for a week.. :-/

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