I’ve finally gotten a new phone! My old iPhone 3g was very slow and apps kept crashing, it just couldn’t deal with the newer software. (Because why would Apple and app makers keep optimising for old phones?)
So I wanted a new one, one that can easily do all what I want to do with it. But dear lord what are the new iPhones expensive! So I switched to a new Samsung, a good one that size-wise isn’t much different and while still not super cheap, affordable for me. All the Apple related thing I want to do I can do with my iPad (just tether it to my new phone) so my new phone didn’t necessarily have to be from Apple.

I had so much issues trying to transfer my contacts, it wasn’t funny. Apple makes working with other platforms (My phone is android) difficult, because sometimes, they’re just whiny bitches.

It’s okay though, I’ve got everything in order now and I still really love my iPad and Mac. 🙂


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