Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition


About a week ago I visited the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, and it was amazing. We had a JPG special in the febuary issue of Metro Mode and after that I was a little tired of all things Gaultier, so it took me a while to get around to going to the exhibition. But people kept telling me how awesome it was and that I would love it, so I did go because they made me curious.

I was really surprised by how amazing I found the exhibition. They did this wonderful new thing by projecting moving faces onto the mannequins which made the whole experience surreal. I’ve filmed some of it trying to capture the magic, but I’m not done yet with editing the video yet. I didn’t want to wait any longer with this blogpost just to include it, I’ll share it when it’s done.

Gaultier Gaultier

I took a lot of photos that I’m very happy about, I felt like a fashion photographer at a really cool fashion show. Click on the photos to see them larger!

Madonna's corsets

Gaultier Gaultier

Gaultier Gaultier


Gaultier Fifth Element

Those of you who’ve seen The Fifth Element will recognize the above outfit. Gaultier has worked on several movies, that being one of them.


To see the rest of my photos (I have lots more!), go to my Flickr account. The Gaultier exhibition runs until may 12th.

Jean Paul Gaultier wasn’t the only exhibition in the Kunsthal, there was also one about the work of artist Jan Montijn (sometimes spelled Montyn) which I recommend as well. Montijn has lived through basicly every war that was fought in his lifetime, and it inspired a lot of his etchings. I just adore his colour choices and line work. In the Montijn exhibition photographing was prohibited, but I took one picture before I knew this so I have one images of his work to show you:



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