A week of drawing every day

I have succesfully completed the first week of my draw every day for a month goal. I’d started this goal before but was missing too many days so I decided to start counting anew. And on the second day I though that posting my sketches to my instagram (and twitter and tumblr) would be a good stimulation to keep up with it.

So here is a collection of my first #draweveryday week, days two to seven! I didn’t post the first day, because I hadn’t decided to start posting them yet, and I didn’t really like that sketch anyway.

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First sitting pose for #daysix of my #draweveryday project.

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Except for day four all of these are based on examples in the book on fashion illustration I got a while back. My goal is to get good at all sorts of different poses so I can draw believable women bodies. I plan to keep going through the different chapters of the book so I will get better at drawing clothing as well.

Here is the goodreads for the Dutch edition that I got, and here is the English one (they haven’t been combined yet, which is someting only a Goodread Librarian can do.)

I still have trouble with hands and feet especially but I know there is a chapter on those coming up later in the book, so if it doesn’t take me too long to get there you’ll be seeing drawings of hands and feet as a part of my #draweveryday overview posts (which I plan to do for each week). I also feel like the legs I draw are too long, but this is sort of the case with the examples in the book too and I guess a consequense of stylized fashion ideals. Or maybe legs really are that long and I just don’t pay enough attention to them in real life. I also want to start trying some more ‘plus sized’ models, considering I want to be able to draw a more believable me.


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