Week three of drawing every day

Huzzah! I present to you the results of my third week of drawing every day. I’ve gotten to the chapter on hands in the book I’m drawing from, but now that I see an overview of all the faces I’ve done I feel like a 3/4 face is missing, so maybe I’ll do one of those this week in between hands and feet and the like. I am pretty experienced at drawing faces, but I really enjoyed trying out different ways of drawing facial features than I normally do. I don’t want to always draw a face the same way, so it was a good exercise. Now to keep practicing hands. They’re difficult to get right, often I feel that in drawing hands a line or two is just off. So I’m practicing them large in the hopes that I can incorporate them well in full figure drawing when I do them again.

Day fifteen to twentyone:

Today's #draweveryday sketch looking up. #dayfifteen

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A more '50s style portrait for #daysixteen of my #draweveryday sketches.

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Still trying out different features and hairstyles. #draweveryday sketch #dayseventeen

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Glasses on my #draweveryday sketch. This is #dayeighteen.

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Trying a summer hat sketch. #draweveryday #daynineteen

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Still a little off, but a nice enough drawing of a hand. #draweveryday sketch #daytwentyone

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Also in the photo for day twenty is one of the fingerless gloves I was knitting. I’ve since finished the pair. They’re a bit large, but I learned quite a lot while making them so the next time I try my hand at some gloves like this I can adjust the pattern myself.

First week.
Second week.


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