Goal completed: draw every day for a month

Every day from may 6 to june 5 I made a sketch. I am very happy that I’ve kept up with the challenge and that I didn’t skip even just one day. It felt very weird these last days after I finished to just go to bed at night without having to take the time to draw. I’ve gotten used to it!
I’m glad that I’m done though.

Here are the last three, day twentynine to thirtyone:

I’m still considering whether I should make a new challenge (like three drawings a week) or don’t set any goals at all and just see how often I get the itch to draw. I worked on something today that I’m happy about so that is a good thing. I won’t share what it is here yet, it’s for a rather specific purpose. Maybe I can post it later. 🙂

First week.
Second week.
Third week.
Fourth week.


4 thoughts on “Goal completed: draw every day for a month

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