My life: an update

The week before last I went on a grand tour of my own country together with my best friend. It was awesome taking day trips to different places I normally don’t see. I really enjoyed this vacation even if it was just in The Netherlands and only a week. I got to sleep in my own bed for most nights and had fun. I want to try and plan more day trips like this, just go see a museum (I have a museumjaarkaart now which allows me free access to most Dutch museums) I haven’t been to before. Here are the few things I posted to instagram. I didn’t feel the need to be online much.

Telephone in the Verkadepaveljoen #zaanseschans

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Telephone in the Verkadepaveljoen #zaanseschans

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Windmill that makes paint pigment. #zaanseschans

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Windmill that makes paint pigment. #zaanseschans

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Cheers! Anne and I have wine, bread, cheese and salad. #vacation

In other news: work has been very busy, but in a good or at least interesting way. We’ve been learning how to work in different software and I think I’m going to miss InDesign. Thankfully I’ll still be using that for the Metro Mode, at least for the forseable future so I get to keep my mac as well as the windows pc the other system runs on. I like learning new things though! And pretty soon I’m also going to be making pages for the newspaper Spits and not just Metro and Metro Mode. I’m optimistic!

I’m also busy with The Anglerfish this week. That’s right, after a two month hiatus The Anglerfish magazine is going to be back and better than ever. We’ve used the time we didn’t publish to restyle the magazine and restructure the editorial organisation. I feel like we’re in a really good place now and everybody is excited again to work on our awesome magazine. The large summer issue is going to be out very soon and I’ll post about it here. I did an illustration again, here is how it looked when I got started on it.

And to close this post a random photo I took with my Olympus Trip, because the subject entertained me:


Surprise dance performance in Utrecht


There was some sort of dance performance at the Oudegracht in Utrecht on june 7, I caught the tail end of it. The weather was lovely, and I was walking through the city after having a drink on the edge of the water with a friend when I heard the music and saw the people who were watching the performance. I took out my Olympus Trip and shot some photos.

The dancers where on one side, the viewers on the other.

After the dancing, the lady on the boat gave a speech about putting it all together.

Some more photos I took in Utrecht that day.




Nerdfighter High Tea Gathering

Playing Ninja!

In june I went to a Nerdfighter gathering in Maastricht, everybody brought food and drink and we held a high tea in a park. These are some of the photos I took there. (Olympus Trip with Lomography lady grey film.)

Anna and Ezra and a poster

Hilde and Rolo

Kimmy, Arne, Alice and other nerdfighters


I have a lot more photos of other things as well, I’ve been a bit lazy about posting them here. I also haven’t put them on my Lomo Home yet, but the black and white film roll is mostly on my Flickr account. Hey, it’s summer and I want to spend free time outside (and reading) so I’m not as busy with internet things like I normally am. 🙂 But I’ll do my best to post all of the cool photos eventually.

My Flickr account | My LomoHome.

I wanted an extreme hair colour, and I got one


It’s really, really pink!

I’ve been thinking about lightening my hair and putting in a pastel colour for some time now, and I wanted either a pink or a turquoise colour. In the end the hairdresser and I discussed it and pink it was! I’ll probably try turquoise some other time. The pink is a little brighter than I originally wanted, but it’ll fade soon enough and now it’s the perfect party colour for the Ke$ha concert I’m going to tonight. 🙂

I instagrammed the process, in the end I was at the hairdressers for four and half hours (decolouring reddish hair takes time!).

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