The Anglerfish #7 – featuring writing and art by me

A couple of days ago the newest issue of The Anglerfish was published. I think it is our best one yet, it looks amazing. (Check it out!)Again I did a couple of illustrations and this time you can also read an article by my hand, the Thoughts From Places submission is mine. I am getting more and more comfortable doing illustration work. I remember the first time I decided to do one (for the Elementary review, remember this post?), I was so nervous that I would not be able to make something useable. And look at me now! I can do these type of illustrations without hesitation.
This does not mean I don’t still have a lot of growing to do. I want to learn a more cartoon-type style, to really be able to capture a message in very simple and clear art. Not that I don’t like the style I am currently developing, but I want to become more diverse, so I can pick the art style to match the content of the article it goes with. I also want to do more drawings entirly digital, start from scratch in photoshop (or one of my drawing apps on my ipad like Sketchbook Pro).
This drawing is one of two illustrations for an article about Twilight.
(I don’t know why the formatting of this post is weird. All I did is add a simple html table to get the image side by side with the text. Maybe it’s just in Firefox though and you don’t notice anything weird. In which case you should forget about this bit)

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