Day of the Doctor and the Anglerfish

Like all Doctor Who fans I was living toward the 50th aniversary special. I had been worried that it wouldn’t live up to the anticipation, that anything would be a let down no matter what. But when I was settling down to watch it I realised it didn’ matter, because I was going to see it with friends who felt the same.

The entire day the five of us spend in The Efteling, a Dutch theme park which is awesome (seriously, if you’re ever in the Netherlands, visit it). The fun started when the five of us, tall and big Dutch adults, squashed ourselfs in Pims little car to go to the park. Bad jokes and a lot of laughter set the tone of the entire day. I love these people. We’re all mad in similar ways so we get each other and we’re all so comfortable with each other. There is no akwardness when someone makes a stupid joke that falls flat, we just move on to the next thing. I don’t have to worry about what they think of me because I know they think I’m just as awesome as I think they are.

In the evening we all ate pancakes and settled in for Day of the Doctor. We all enjoyed it immensly and it blew our minds in all the same places. Sharing being a fan of something is awesome. We discussed the episode over a couple of beers and it was a good day.

In other news: there is a new Anglerfish! Full off Doctor Who goodies, for all of us who are going through withdrawal after Day of the Doctor.


I drew a Martha! The article that this illustrations goes with is critical of the writing of her character, but I just wanted to draw her because I think she’s a boss. I like Martha Jones. And my problems with the writing wasn’t about her character but about how her character was treated. Still, I think the article is an interesting take on why fandom is so divided on Martha Jones.

There is also an article on Selfie culture, and I illustrated that too:


I’ve started a shop!

Following the example of The Anglerfish I started my own redbubble shop. It’s my first foray into putting my stuff out there so doing it via redbubble where I don’t have to handle anything complicated like printing and shipping seems like a good idea to me.

The things I put up are photos and paintings that I never made for a specific audience, I just did them because I liked it. (The stuff that I do make for a specific audience, the readers of The Anglerfish, would not be in my own personal shop but in The Anglerfish one.)
I’ve been going through my full sketchbooks to seek out things that would be suitable for the shop. It’s been fun reliving how all the different drawings made me feel while I was making them. It made me realise that while not all drawings have a meaning behind them, they do all mean something to me because I have the context of where I was in my life when I made them. It is one of the reasons the sketchbooks are so precious to me. If something were to happen to them I could never get those specific drawings in that order back. Every mistake and success is unique, and I’ve put a lot of myself into them.

Of course those things don’t matter to other people seeing my art. They don’t have my context, and they shouldn’t need it to enjoy a pretty picture and like it (or not). So to go through my books and to try and see each page as something that might be interesting for the shop is very different. Suddenly I start to question all the things! Does this really work as a card or a poster? It’s good to think about and not just upload all the things I’ve ever done. I want to curate a good shop so that potential customers don’t have to wade through heaps of uninteresting things to find that one picture they want a greeting card of. I’ve put up a nice selection, now we just have to wait and see.

I would love to get some feedback on my shop from someone who isn’t me. 🙂

Check out my shop!

And also The Anglerfish shop!

Halloween! A post that is late

And just like that it’s been a month since I posted anything here. A Whole month in which I worked on a new issue of The Anglerfish, went to FACTS, celebrated my nieces 3rd birthday and joined my nephews on a Halloween walk that scared the crap out of them. A month in which I lost my internet connection and re-established it, started my own Redbubble shop and watched a bunch of tv-shows and films.

So, Halloween! It’s an American holiday that is becoming more and more a part of Dutch culture too. I like it, I used to be a scaredy cat when I was little but now I love scary things. (Possibly because I don’t find them to be super scary anymore but just fun.) So in the week before Halloween when I was at my brothers to celebrate my nieces third birthday (I got her dress up wings and my little ponies and she enjoyed being all sweet and cuddly with me) at night there was also a Halloween themed walk that I joined my nephews on (4 and 6 years old). It was at night, we all got lanterns and there were people dressed up as all sorts of creepy crawly things hidden in the woods and telling stories, it was awesome. My youngest nephew got a little too scared, so in some parts I carried him and kept him away from any hidden monsters I could spot. I thought the walk was very cool and a great way of incorporating the holiday into our own lives without trying to trick-or-treat in a place where very few people would actually have candy to give out. On the actual evening of Halloween I got home late from work and spend the night building this awesome Haunted House lego set that I had treated myself to while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, a film which I love with all my heart.

And speaking of Halloween, it was naturally the theme of the October issue of The Anglerfish, for which I drew the cover. That’s right! I did a cover!

Halloween cover

This is the version without the logo, go look at the actual magazine to see it in context.

I’ll discuss some of the other stuff I did this month in other posts!

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