The Anglerfish #12, all about Nintendo

It's all in the hands

My illustration for the 12th issue of The Anglerfish! Go check it out, it’s a fun issue full of all things Nintendo.

This illustrations goes with the article It’s All in the Hands, the top four reasons why Nintendo should concentrate on handhelds. Pictured is how I hold my own Nintendo 3ds when I’m playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. 🙂 It was a nice exercise in drawing hands, and in making my digital drawing look a little watercoloury. I’m still getting to know all the ways in which I can use the photoshop brushes, and how to paint with them. I am going to try more digital painting like this, just like I love the watercolour brush in Paper on my iPad I like it when I can get Photoshop brushes to behave similarly. Onward to more digital illustrating!

Animal Crossing and my new Nintendo 3DS

Animal Crossing sketchbook page

About a month back I caved and bought a Nintendo 3ds, and I haven’t looked back! It is such an awesome system, I’m really enjoying all the streetpass features and of course playing Animal Crossing New Leaf! I’ve been playing a lot. My favorite game has alwas been a version of Animal Crossing, and New Leaf is definitely an great version of the game! I love going diving, being mayor and visiting the island, all new features. I’m still trying to convince my neighbours that I’m a super good friend and they should give me their portrait, but as of yet I’ve had no success in that area. 🙂

I’ve also been using the designing feature for clothes much more then I used to, and via the QR code option I can share that with whoever likes what I make! I post all the Animal Crossing stuff I share to my tumblr.

There are a lot of people playing Animal Crossing and posting about it on tumblr, so my own stuff feels right at home there. Some people can make outfits that are so complicated and must cost so much time that I can only sit back in awe. It’s really fun to see how others play the game.

I’ve also enjoyed playing Pokemon X and Super Mario 3D Land, though lately I’ve been all about the Animal Crossing all the time. All in all I’ve failed to fulfill my 50 books challenge on Goodreads because I’ve spend most of my free time in December playing on my Nintendo 3ds instead of reading. Which is fine! I’d just gotten it and all new things are extra shiny. 🙂 I’ve got a better balance now (though my new book challenge is for 45 books) and I can’t imagine the Nintendo 3ds not being a part of my essential devices. It lives in my bag when I’m on the road and stays near my couch when I’m home (which is where I play the most). I like that I can take it out when I’m on the train to work and check to see if I’ve met anyone via Streetpass.

So Animal Crossing has been on my mind lately and I felt like drawing about it! I like filling a digital sketchbook page, the Paper by 53 app on my iPad is such a great app for on the go digital journaling. I am loving how the pencil brush works on top of he watercolour brush. I also finally got the colour mixer and am enjoying mixing all the colours! If you buy all the extra features it is a more expensive app than most, but it’s so worth it.

The Anglerfish is a year old!

At the end of December the eleventh issue of The Anglerfish came out, and skipping one month in summer we managed to come out with a pretty awesome issue each month. We’re all currently busy with the new issue that will come out at the end of january, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we accomplished in the last year. I’ve been a part of The Anglerfish since the first issue, and for a project we all do in our spare time while we’re busy with our lives and work and studies, I think it’s amazing that we’ve kept up with it.

I love working for The Anglerfish. Yes, sometimes I don’t feel like taking time out of my weekend days to work when I already work fulltime the rest of the week, but I always love actually doing the lay out and making the illustrations. I love that I get to try new things and push myself.

This issues theme is all things Disney, so go have a look! You’ll notice this illustration in the Art and Literature section in the back, which is for submitted works made by our readers:

Tiny and Jack

What if the Nightmare Before Christmas and A Muppet Christmas Carrol suddenly took place in the same universe? We would get Santa Jack Skellington trying to cheer up Muppet Tiny Tim with a possibly terribly scary present!

I originally made this to accompany a movie club article, which is a series that we have, but due to some problems there was no article to publish so my illustration was left in limbo. We decided (well, I decided, since I always do that section) to put it in the Art and Literature section so it wouldn’t go to waste. I keep improving with every new thing I try illustration wise, and I think this is a good one, both in work (though there are always things that could be better) and in concept and lay out. I originally planned to have the text run around the colour edges, so as to emphasize the round snowgloby background.

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