A new week of commute drawings

Collection of the five #commutedrawings I made this week!

Sunday: I saw the text ‘Do what makes you happy!’ in someone elses Instagram photo and it got stuck in my head. The week started with beautiful sunglasses weather. I’ve been coming back to the 3/4 right looking face several times in my commute drawings. Water colour pencils and a water brush.

Todays #commutedrawing. Anatomy? Not important! 🙂

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Monday: A portrait of the gentleman sitting across from me. Anatomy? Nah! 🙂

Tuesday: I’m generally better at drawing women, so I wanted to try a dude. He still has some feminine features, but he’s a dude. I’ve had two people tell me he reminded them of a real person. Derek from Veritasium, which I was not familiar with, and Dutch musical actor Freek Bartels. Pencil.

Todays #commutedrawing is a tower. Pencil and markers in my Moleskine sketchbook.

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Wednesday: A tower. I don’t always want to draw faces, even though humans are my most returned to subjects. Pencil and markers.

Thursday: It took me a while of staring out the window and letting my mind wander before I found a subject for this drawing. It wasn’t until I was thinking of how I could do a cohesive bookshelf tour video without being boring that I thought about the polaroid book that’s on my ‘art books’ shelf. In it was a photo of a goldfish in a baggy of water with beautiful lighting that I remembered, so I drew a fishy! Water soluble and mechanic pencil.

That book is actually full of inspiring images and I love it. Haven’t opened it in a while, but I’ll start leafing through it again soon and maybe try and draw images from it. It will be full of interesting reference images to study for lighting and colour and the like.


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