In which I talk about what I’ve been doing lately

Did you guys miss me? I was out and about in the world! I went to St. Petersburg for a week of vacation and to get my tattoo (it’s real! it’s on my arm!), and then I went to the Dutch island Texel with my family for a second vacation. In the mean time I was lazy and took an unanounced vacation from posting here. But I’m back now! I took a lot of photos and some video on my trip, but I’ve yet to edit everything so it’ll be a while until I can share it all with you. I did keep posting on Instagram about my life, so you still get to see some pictures now. 🙂

So this happened yesterday… Still has some healing to do, but I've got my awesome tattoo!

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The photo of my tattoo the day after I got it! I got a lot of very lovely reactions from people on instagram and facebook. It’s been such a big thing in my life to get this tattoo, and the people in my life have been sort of living it along with me. Getting to show the result to them and getting such happy responses is very rewarding. I’m still very careful with it until it is fully healed, I don’t want to mess it up by doing something stupid like going swimming too soon. When it’s been a month I’ll take some new photos to share with everyone.

#bluebirdtattoo #birdtattoo #4leafclover #lucky #watercolour #sashaunisex 🍀🐦💙

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This is the photo the tattoo artist put on her instagram, taking right after we were done.

In the mean time I have finished the shawl I was knitting.

It’s a bit warm for summer, but in autumn I’m going to wear it a lot! I had to bind of a little earlier then I had hoped, because I ran out of yarn. But the end result is pretty and I’m happy about it.

My next craft project is two crocheted dollies! I’m working on the second one now. The first one is done, but when I was putting her together she took a dive into my tea… I rinsed her off and pressed as much of the water out as I could and let her dry overnight. Thankfully there is almost no staining from the tea. One of her white legs is a little grubbier now, but I think I’m the only one who will notice that.

The second dollie will get a head full of curls.

Working on a boatload of curls for my second dollie. #crochet #amigurumibb #littleknitsforsmallbeings #craft

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3 thoughts on “In which I talk about what I’ve been doing lately

  1. Oh waw! Die tattoo is echt prachtig! Ik ben even gaan piepen naar wat die tattoo artist nog allemaal maakt en… Waw! Wat een geweldige stijl, zeg.
    Must. Resist. Getting. Tattoo.

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