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Close up self Trying a new hairstyle today. #hairadventures

Hi! I’m Eefje (Dutch, 29, editorial graphic designer).

This is my playground. I love to write, and take photos and draw and paint, and this is the place where I show the results to who wants to see them. It’s just me trying out stuff. It can be good and it can be crappy, but that’s o.k. because this is a playground. I can do crazy stuff here. If there isn’t anything sucky, there isn’t anything to improve. And that would be boring.
I want to make things. Be creative. I don’t feel complete if I don’t regularly try to make something, to communicate something, even if it’s just to myself. Being creative gives me worth, regardless of how well I succeed at what I’m trying to accomplish.

This blog is in English, but if you go back far enough you’ll run into posts that are in my native Dutch. I aim to update at least once a week.

I was a part of the editorial staff of the Nerdfighter magazine The Anglerfish while it lasted. You can still read all issues!

Other places on the web I can be found:
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