In which a lot of knitting and other crafty stuff is shown

Here’s a happy little commute drawing, about love for music:

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Listening to music makes me happy. #commutedrawing

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I have been knitting and crocheting a lot lately. Two of my colleagues recently had babies and I made them something.

I’ve posted in progress pics of this dress on my instagram, but I never uploaded the finished work anywhere but my ravelry account. At work whenever someone procreates, we all give some gifts that one or two people will bring over. I got a sweet email from the colleague who’s daughter got this dress that she loves it and it is exactly the style and coloring she likes. Her daughter will definitely wear it when she’s big enough (it’s a little too big for newborns).

little dress

The other colleague also had a daughter, but their gift-basket hasn’t been brought round yet. I made a little vest, but it turned out a bit smaller than I anticipated, and I fear she won’t get to wear it long because babies GROW BIG TIME. But hey, it could always be re purposed as a vest for a large doll. 🙂

little vest

The wife of an other colleague is pregnant, so I can move on to the next little being project. But first something for myself!

I’ve started on a top! I’ve been dying to try out Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn ever since I found out it existed, the colours are so amazing! Unfortunately my local yarn shop doesn’t sell any Scheepjes yarn. In the end I found one in a different town that also had a webshop, and this week I finally ordered a shit ton of yarn. I’m not kidding, it was a big box full.

Once I am done with the top which will combine the light blue with a dark one, I will try my hand on a long sleeved warm sweater in the purple and grey colors you see in the picture. Yay for making myself clothing! Of course, I already own so many clothes, that it’s not really necessary. I’ve just cleaned out my closet and got two big bags ready for the clothing swap I and some of my friends will have next week. All the leftovers will be donated.

And finally, I’m also crocheting a new doll. I haven’t gotten far yet, and it’s taken a backseat because of the top, but it’ll be very cute when I’m done with it.

Doll in progress

If you want to see the patterns I’m following and what other knitting and crocheting I’ve done, check out my Ravelry page.

In which I talk about what I’ve been doing lately

Did you guys miss me? I was out and about in the world! I went to St. Petersburg for a week of vacation and to get my tattoo (it’s real! it’s on my arm!), and then I went to the Dutch island Texel with my family for a second vacation. In the mean time I was lazy and took an unanounced vacation from posting here. But I’m back now! I took a lot of photos and some video on my trip, but I’ve yet to edit everything so it’ll be a while until I can share it all with you. I did keep posting on Instagram about my life, so you still get to see some pictures now. 🙂

The photo of my tattoo the day after I got it! I got a lot of very lovely reactions from people on instagram and facebook. It’s been such a big thing in my life to get this tattoo, and the people in my life have been sort of living it along with me. Getting to show the result to them and getting such happy responses is very rewarding. I’m still very careful with it until it is fully healed, I don’t want to mess it up by doing something stupid like going swimming too soon. When it’s been a month I’ll take some new photos to share with everyone.

This is the photo the tattoo artist put on her instagram, taking right after we were done.

In the mean time I have finished the shawl I was knitting.

It’s a bit warm for summer, but in autumn I’m going to wear it a lot! I had to bind of a little earlier then I had hoped, because I ran out of yarn. But the end result is pretty and I’m happy about it.

My next craft project is two crocheted dollies! I’m working on the second one now. The first one is done, but when I was putting her together she took a dive into my tea… I rinsed her off and pressed as much of the water out as I could and let her dry overnight. Thankfully there is almost no staining from the tea. One of her white legs is a little grubbier now, but I think I’m the only one who will notice that.

The second dollie will get a head full of curls.

I try to be a fun aunt


On February 14th my newest nephew was born (yes, on Valentines day). As a gift I crocheted a blanket for his crib which you can see a piece of above. I am so amazed by newborn babies, that such little creatures are fully realised humans with all the same organs and limbs as me. With the same biological processes and the same instincts (I also cry when I puke, it sucks).

So now my second brother is a father too, and our family grows larger. I try to be a fun aunt, one who can be trusted like an adult but who also gets that playtime is fun and that kids ask questions about the world because they want to learn how it works. My oldest nephew is like that, he ask about everything and he talks and talks and talks. It can be tiring, but I also love that he is that way.


When the carnival came around again I spend the day with my oldest brother and his family. We watched the carnivals parade in Prinsenbeek, which is a parade with children groups in it and now that the boys are in school they meet classmates who are in the parade or watching as well. And in the afternoon I took the boys to go see the Lego Movie. We had to rush because we were a bit late (my lovely sister-in-law drove us to the theatre and picked us up again afterwards, I think she spend the entire day driving us from and too places since she also brought me to the train station at the end of the day) but we managed to get there right when the previews started.

I love legos, and so do the boys. (My niece is still a little young for them, and she is a really cute girly-girl who loves nail polish and already picks out her own outfits. But I will get her some legos when she gets old enough. 🙂 ) So when I heard that the Lego Movie was really good it seemed like a fun thing to share with my nephews. It was awesome. I had bought them both popcorn and the oldest asked me if I “was her” when the girl lego (Wyldstyle) first appeared. He himself was Superman. He had spend most of the day telling me about the bits he had seen in the trailer beforehand. The youngest was just really quiet and impressed with everything he saw.

I like being a fun aunt. I like that they comment on the colour of my hair every time they see me, and that I get to explain that I’m going to get a tattoo in June and that it’s like a picture on your skin that grown ups can get. (My nephews headcanon is that tattoos keep hurting for children and that’s why they are for a adults. This is not something I told him, but how he explained away that I said you need to be 18 to go get one.) And while I might never become a parent myself, I love that I have kids in my life who can rely on me and to who I am important. I am an aunt, and I am good at being one.

The parade:



More photos from the parade below the fold!
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I’ve finally gotten a day when I’m at home during daylight hours, and it’s a miserable misty grey day. But I did not want to wait any longer to photograph my latest cuddlies. I’ve been crocheting again and here are the results:


I started with a pointy nose and my idea’s about what kind of animal/creature it would be changed at least four times during the making of it. That’s probably why I don’t really know what it is. Crochet with cotton yarn, glass bead eyes, felt pouch and ears (sewn on) and cute buttons to attach the limbs). In the pouch is a turnip-looking thingy. (It has a pouch, so something needed to be in it.)

Lil' Octo

You might recall this octopus, well it just got a little sibling. It’s smaller and I really like how this one turned out. I’m thinking about making some more in different colours to give as gifts or something. Crocheted with hooked spaghetti, felt and googly eyes.

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