More photos of the Museum Gathering

Rembrandt window

The digital photos I took in and around the Rijksmuseum during our Nerdfighter Museum Gathering! I’ve finally switched to shooting raw. I know, I am so late to this party. I tried shooting raw years ago, but the version of photoshop I had then couldn’t recognize the files from my camera, and the software that came with the camera was excruciatingly slow on the computer I had then. So I kept shooting jpeg and built my workflow around that. Fastforward to now, when I suddenly realise that I’ve had my new computer with a much newer version of photoshop for a while now, so why not switch to shooting raw? I’m still adjusting my workflow, but I am enjoying the imense control I have over the files post shooting. 😀

T Geschiedjvweel



Slaolie Mondriaan dress

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Museum Gathering

And I am back with yet more pictures of a Nerdfighter gathering! In march we went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and I brought my Olympus Trip (with the same Ilford roll as the pictures from my last post) and also my digital DSLR. Outside the weather was beautifully sunny, so I took a lot of pictures while we were waiting for everybody to arrive and also when we had finished with the museum and went outside to catch some rays again.

Here are the analog pictures! I’ll post the digital ones later this week. 🙂



We're all Amsterdam

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Olympus Trip

The promised results of my first Olympus Trip roll! I’m really happy with the photos and with how easy it is to use the Trip. I was looking around a thrift-shop in Utrecht because I just wanted to see what kind of old camera’s they had and for which prices. I was most interested in the Olympus Trip because it was a 35 mm and I could easily tell how it worked and what was what (aperture, focus, that sort of thing). I had not heard of this camera before, and I wanted to know if the pricetag was normal, so I got out my phone and googled it (I love living in the future). Turns out, the Olympus Trip is a much loved camera that wasn’t rare and therefore perfect for what I wanted. (I’m not a collector, I want to use my cameras.) The price seemed to fit with what they usually cost, and I even found some intructions on how to quickly test whether the light-meter was still working (it was) so I knew that it was okay before I bought it.

Shadow Cyclists


I love that the Olympus Trip has its own light-meter, it is the one thing that still causes trouble with me and my Diana (though less so now than in the beginning, and it’s not really a problem with my Holga either). And because it’s got a f2.8 lens a lot of light can get in. I can choose the aperture or let the camera do it automatically, and the shutterspeed is always decided by the camera. The focus is not automatic, I have to choose a setting (1m, 1.5m, 3m or 5m and further). Unlike my toy cameras there is no option for double exposure (once the shutterbutton is pressed it will refuse to go again unless the film winding wheel is turned) nor a b-setting for long shutterspeeds.


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Because the weekly photo challenges on WordPress are all about photos taken with your phone (phoneography) and I got a new smartphone with a good camera in it not to long ago I figured that I’d try out sharing from instagram directly to my blog, all from my phone while on the go.

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