In which Eefje comes back from disappearing

So yeah. I was all super active and posting three times a week and then suddenly I stopped. I stopped making and sharing commute drawings. I stopped posting here even though I did have things to share. But I guess I just needed some time for myself, and switching sketchbooks had a much bigger effect than I imagined.

Because I really didn’t like the new sketchbook I got. And it made me sad and not want to draw. I tried it for a couple of drawings, but I was just getting too frustrated with the paper. And for a while I didn’t have time to look for a new sketchbook with different paper so I just… stagnated.

April 14: First commute drawing in my new sketchbook, I definitely have to get used to the paper! I’m not sure I’m happy with it…

April 16: Todays drawing is not an imaginary polaroid. I wanted to try something on a larger scale to see how I like the paper then. Still not a fan. As you can see I’ve been playing Animal Crossing again on my Nintendo 3DS. Yesterday I didn’t do a commute drawing because I was really tired. Sleep is important!

April 17: I figured I’d try an exercise in just watercolour pencils for todays #commutedrawing. Maybe I like the paper better if I don’t use graphite? I don’t, the paper can’t take the water and starts dissolving a bit. 😦 It was not at all like this when I got to test it in the store…

The paper really wasn’t what I need from a sketchbook, I couldn’t work in detail with my graphite pencil and it did not respond well to the water (of which I don’t even use all that much). I hated it. And before I knew it three weeks passed and I lost all drive to keep drawing and to keep posting here. Which is a shame, because I do have photos to share and other stories to tell.

But now I’m getting back on track!
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It has been a while since I took out my sketchbook. I have never been very good at taking it out regularly, generally I tend to work in it a lot for a while and then have a period of ignoring it. When I did the draw every day challenge I really enjoyed using my hands like that every day even though it wasn’t always easy. Sometimes I forget how happy messing about with art supplies actually makes me.

It’s not that I haven’t been creative, I’ve done and made a lot of things. (Like the awesome summer issue of The Anglerfish, which is out now so go read it!) But there is a specific joy in working in my sketchbook. So when I took it out again and remembered that joy I deciced I should start a ‘do something in my sketchbook at least once a week’ challenge.

Added watercolours to an earlier sketch (part of my draw every day challenge) and did a collage/art journal page next to it with paper and stickers and stamps and watercolours.

As an added bonus thinking about these things made me take out my iPad for art purposes again (instead of just instragramming and tumblring) and for the first time in ages I opened Paper and Sketchbook Pro. I love both apps. Sketchbook Pro is like photoshop, everything is possible! Paper is more restrictive but in a way that I like. This was made in Paper.

Bouquet girl
Surprisingly it was easier for me to approximate Katie Rodgers’ style digitally than when I get out actual watercolours like Katie does. (You can check out Katies work on her website: Paperfashion) and see why I find her inspiring. 🙂

Photo’s of stuff

A post with a bunch of random photos that don’t really go together but that I want to share.

Dead mouse

I have mouse-issues, they invade my home and try to eat my stuff and poop on everything. They make noise and stink. It’s unhealthy to just let them take over.
But some of them look so cuddly I feel sad about having to kill them to fight of their invasion.


I bought this second hand chest to house (most of) my art supplies. According to a lady on the bus I took it on, it was what people in ‘grandmothers time’ used to keep their sewing supplies in.

Aqua markers

Got some new aqua markers today, trying them out. When I was in the store I was so intent on selecting colours I didn’t realise that out of the ten I chose five were actually pro markers, not aqua. Don’t worry I’m just going to add the pro markers to my copic marker selection, and have just five aqua markers for now. So far I really like them.

Also: #thehatadventures continue!

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