In which Eefje gushes about an author in a slightly creepy way

You know how sometimes, you read a book and fall entirely in love with it? I had that happen with an unexpected book recently, Moranthology by Caitlin Moran. It’s a collection of her columns, and I just LOVE IT SO MUCH. I have had How to be a Woman on my to read list for a while when I found the Dutch translation of Moranthology in the take-if-you-like-it pile at work. I figured, hey I’ve been wanting to read something by this author and it’s free, even if I would have prefered to read it in English.

And it is just a book that matches me entirely. Caitlin Moran is one of the few people who I can now add to the list of ‘people who I want to be when I grow up’. (The list includes Neil Gaiman and my Nana.) Her writing style, her way of looking at life, the universe and everything, her feeling about hairstyles and hanging out with awesome musicians. Her feminism, her great love for Doctor Who and Sherlock and the way she makes fun of Downton Abbey. All of it. I may be vaguely creepy in my love for this woman I have never met but I aboslutely adore her. I am a part of the Caitlin Moran fandom now and it is glorious.

I also want to mention the translator, Petra C. van der Eerden, who did an excellent job on the Dutch edition. Moran’s voice come through loud and clear and there wasn’t a moment where I felt like I could ‘see’ the English behind the phrases (something that always makes me want to read the actual English edition and is often the mark of a not-so-good translator), not even in the column about Sherlock in which quotes from the show are mentioned. I do instantly remember the actual English dialogue obviously, but in no way did that disturb my reading-enjoyment.

I can’t wait to read Moran’s (I keep wanting to call her Cate, which she mentions in the book is the name people who actually know her call her) other books, How to be a Woman and How to Build a Girl. I am going to enjoy ferociously consuming anything she puts out in the world.

This is the Goodreads page for Moranthology, and here is Caitlin Moran’s twitter.


Day of the Doctor and the Anglerfish

Like all Doctor Who fans I was living toward the 50th aniversary special. I had been worried that it wouldn’t live up to the anticipation, that anything would be a let down no matter what. But when I was settling down to watch it I realised it didn’ matter, because I was going to see it with friends who felt the same.

The entire day the five of us spend in The Efteling, a Dutch theme park which is awesome (seriously, if you’re ever in the Netherlands, visit it). The fun started when the five of us, tall and big Dutch adults, squashed ourselfs in Pims little car to go to the park. Bad jokes and a lot of laughter set the tone of the entire day. I love these people. We’re all mad in similar ways so we get each other and we’re all so comfortable with each other. There is no akwardness when someone makes a stupid joke that falls flat, we just move on to the next thing. I don’t have to worry about what they think of me because I know they think I’m just as awesome as I think they are.

In the evening we all ate pancakes and settled in for Day of the Doctor. We all enjoyed it immensly and it blew our minds in all the same places. Sharing being a fan of something is awesome. We discussed the episode over a couple of beers and it was a good day.

In other news: there is a new Anglerfish! Full off Doctor Who goodies, for all of us who are going through withdrawal after Day of the Doctor.


I drew a Martha! The article that this illustrations goes with is critical of the writing of her character, but I just wanted to draw her because I think she’s a boss. I like Martha Jones. And my problems with the writing wasn’t about her character but about how her character was treated. Still, I think the article is an interesting take on why fandom is so divided on Martha Jones.

There is also an article on Selfie culture, and I illustrated that too:


Everyone dresses up at Elfia


Last week I went to Elfia (formerly known as the Elf Fantasy Fair). It takes places over a weekend every year at the grounds of Castle De Haar in Haarzuilens. Since I used to live quite close to it, and still live within biking distance I have always wanted to visit the fair, but I used to learn too late about it every time. But not this year! This time I knew when it would be and got tickets in advance for me and two friends. It was definitely fun! There are a lot of things going on, lectures, shops, music, storytelling, displays and actors. And almost everybody goes dressed up, some people put a lot of work into it. Beautiful steampunk costumes and large period dresses and pirates and Doctor Who’s. (I went as an almagation of the last three doctors, bowtie and suspenders for Eleven, pinstriped trousers and light allstars for Ten and a leather jacket for Nine. I also carried two sonic screwdrivers.)

I didn’t take as many photos as I had expected to, there were so many people carrying cameras and many people taking professional portraits of the costumed people that I felt a little redundant. I’m sure that if you google Elfia you’ll get many more beautiful photos to see.

Pirate Steampunk

Wood man

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Don’t blink!

Weeping Angel Weeping Angel - don't blink!

I wanted to try out my diana f+ flash with the hot shoe adapter on my pentax ist DL. They’re not working together well, but when I do get them to agree (with a high f stop and a very long shutter speed) the results are pretty cool.

Featuring my Weeping Angel action figure and Journal of Impossible Things with the sonic screwdriver pen.

The image of an Angel, becomes an Angel…

Weeping Angel will eat you

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