Museum Gathering

And I am back with yet more pictures of a Nerdfighter gathering! In march we went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and I brought my Olympus Trip (with the same Ilford roll as the pictures from my last post) and also my digital DSLR. Outside the weather was beautifully sunny, so I took a lot of pictures while we were waiting for everybody to arrive and also when we had finished with the museum and went outside to catch some rays again.

Here are the analog pictures! I’ll post the digital ones later this week. 🙂



We're all Amsterdam

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International Nerdfighter Gathering in Maastricht

Ezra crossing his fingers

On the first of February there was an international gathering of nerdfighters in Maastricht. There was quite a large number of us gathered in the space we rented for it. A lot of games were played and it was a lovely day of hanging out with each other. I played a lot of Cards agains Humanity and mostly hung out with people I already knew from previous nerdfighter gatherings I’d attended. Sometimes that’s just all you need. I had brought my camera, but found out that I had forgotten to bring the lens that I had wanted to use. So I did not photograph much with it, but I did capture Ezra warding off evil by crossing his fingers and chopsticks. (See above.)

We were right on the bank of the river Maas and at night there was a beautiful reflection of the lights of a bridge on the water.

Bridge lights

Bridge lights

Bridge lights

I also had my Olympus Trip with me, and I’ll post the analog photos later this week. 🙂

I got back into making videos for my youtube account. This is something I was thinking about several months ago, and I have been planning this video for a long time but only actually made it now.

It is the first time I wrote a scrip (for the voice over) so the message of the vlog is a lot clearer I feel. I’m still not very good at speaking as clearly as I want to be, but the script did help. I don’t know how having a script to read would work with me actually being on camera though, I’ll try that sometimes in the future.

In other news, yesterday I went to a nerdfighter gathering in my home town in Utrecht and it was awesome. Over 80 (!) people showed up and it was great spending time with all of them. The best thing about nerdfighters is that everybody gets accepted and everyone is curious to get to know each other. The one thing I think we all have in common is how unabashedly we can get excited about fictional things. We all appreciate fandom because we understand what it’s like to be a fan. Get excited! It’s good for you.

A lot of nerdfighters are also video bloggers on youtube. Every gathering there are always people filming and we get why so we don’t give each other weird looks like ‘why is this person filming? That is not normal I must judge them’. The way most people on the street always seem to think you filming (yourself or something in public space) has something to do with them.

I also filmed a bit, though not a lot because I was busy talking to people, and I will try to edit it into a cohesive vlog sometimes later this week. (Giving myself a deadline, though a vague one.)

Anyway, I would love for you (hello person stumbling onto my blog!) to watch the video above and to let me know what you think in comments!

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