More photos of the Museum Gathering

Rembrandt window

The digital photos I took in and around the Rijksmuseum during our Nerdfighter Museum Gathering! I’ve finally switched to shooting raw. I know, I am so late to this party. I tried shooting raw years ago, but the version of photoshop I had then couldn’t recognize the files from my camera, and the software that came with the camera was excruciatingly slow on the computer I had then. So I kept shooting jpeg and built my workflow around that. Fastforward to now, when I suddenly realise that I’ve had my new computer with a much newer version of photoshop for a while now, so why not switch to shooting raw? I’m still adjusting my workflow, but I am enjoying the imense control I have over the files post shooting. 😀

T Geschiedjvweel



Slaolie Mondriaan dress

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A day spend visiting Haarlem

Anne in Haarlem

This lovely lady is my best friend. Last month we took a day to go to Haarlem to visit the Dolhuis museum. We really liked Haarlem when we went there in summer so we decided to return for the first of our ‘museum-days’. (Next up is Den Bosch, so if anybody knows of a nice museum for us to visit there let me know!)

The Dolhuis used to be a house where crazy people and lepers were put to remove them from general society, and now it’s a museum on the history of psychiatry. It’s interesting to see the mistreatment people suffered and how the science developed, it also has people explain in their own words (through recordings) how they experienced their disorders.

Normaal mens

I had brought my Holga with the wide angle lens on it, and these photos are from the same film roll as the lens test shots I took. The weather was lovely sunny and terribly windy.

Taped up Totem

Birds and water

Anne in Haarlem

More photos on my Flickr account.

My life: an update

The week before last I went on a grand tour of my own country together with my best friend. It was awesome taking day trips to different places I normally don’t see. I really enjoyed this vacation even if it was just in The Netherlands and only a week. I got to sleep in my own bed for most nights and had fun. I want to try and plan more day trips like this, just go see a museum (I have a museumjaarkaart now which allows me free access to most Dutch museums) I haven’t been to before. Here are the few things I posted to instagram. I didn’t feel the need to be online much.

Telephone in the Verkadepaveljoen #zaanseschans

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Telephone in the Verkadepaveljoen #zaanseschans

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Windmill that makes paint pigment. #zaanseschans

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Windmill that makes paint pigment. #zaanseschans

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Cheers! Anne and I have wine, bread, cheese and salad. #vacation

In other news: work has been very busy, but in a good or at least interesting way. We’ve been learning how to work in different software and I think I’m going to miss InDesign. Thankfully I’ll still be using that for the Metro Mode, at least for the forseable future so I get to keep my mac as well as the windows pc the other system runs on. I like learning new things though! And pretty soon I’m also going to be making pages for the newspaper Spits and not just Metro and Metro Mode. I’m optimistic!

I’m also busy with The Anglerfish this week. That’s right, after a two month hiatus The Anglerfish magazine is going to be back and better than ever. We’ve used the time we didn’t publish to restyle the magazine and restructure the editorial organisation. I feel like we’re in a really good place now and everybody is excited again to work on our awesome magazine. The large summer issue is going to be out very soon and I’ll post about it here. I did an illustration again, here is how it looked when I got started on it.

And to close this post a random photo I took with my Olympus Trip, because the subject entertained me:


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