You can’t argue with noise or reason with noise – noise cannot be right or wrong, it cannot fail and it cannot fall, and there has never been this noise before, so you cannot fault it or belittle it. I love this noise. If someone asked me ‘What are you thinking?’ I would point at the noise.” – How to Build a Girl, Caitlin Moran

I am loving this book and how the main character talks about music.

I made a video again!
I filmed this months ago when I visited the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in Rotterdam (You may remember this post) and I have finally edited the footage I filmed there into a video!

The song you hear is Un Petit Poème by Lena Selyanina, I found it on Jamendo. This is my first foray into finding Creative Commons music and adding it to my videos! If anyone has any tips on that I’d love to hear them.

Soundtrack of my life

Sometimes when I’m walking outside and listening to music a song or two shuffles by that really fit the moment. It makes my heart leap with the joy of recognition. There are some songs that give me a lot of these moments, because they just fit my life. Not necessarily because the lyrics fit me, but the song overal. I have it with Bettie Serveerts ‘Lover I don’t have to love’ and the lyrics aren’t true for me at all, I want someone I can love unapologetically and without complication. (A better truth would be Pete Yorns ‘Ever fallen in love’ (With someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with) Only all the fucking time.)

There are just some songs that from the moment I meet them they stay in my life. That make me pay attention no matter how often I hear them. Songs like Meredith Brooks’ ‘It don’t get better’ and Tom McRaes ‘Got a suitcase, got regrets’. Both songs that are in their way about being broken but hopeful. Snow Patrols ‘The Lightning Strike’ calls up such beautiful imagery in my head that I can’t help but love it. There’s also the songs that bring back memories of a certain time in my life. Like K’s Choices entire Cocoon Crash album. I still love that music and that is in part because I started listening to it way back when I was in secondary school and life was full of promise. (It still is, just in a different way now.)

And then I wonder, do other people connect in the same way to music? I know more people who get very passionate about music too, but I wonder whether they experience the feeling of having their own soundtrack (so to speak) as well. And which songs do they connect with?

Surprise dance performance in Utrecht


There was some sort of dance performance at the Oudegracht in Utrecht on june 7, I caught the tail end of it. The weather was lovely, and I was walking through the city after having a drink on the edge of the water with a friend when I heard the music and saw the people who were watching the performance. I took out my Olympus Trip and shot some photos.

The dancers where on one side, the viewers on the other.

After the dancing, the lady on the boat gave a speech about putting it all together.

Some more photos I took in Utrecht that day.




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