In which the commute drawings are back with a vengeance

Trying out some of the new sketchbooks! I think I will keep using the Daler Rowney for my commute drawings.

Sunday: A new imaginary polaroid! The sunny weather makes me want to sit in the park. This is the first page I did in the new Daler Rowney sketchbook that I got this weekend. The paper picks up pencil like crazy, it’s great! My H2 graphite pencil is a lot darker here then I am used to, but that’s okay. And a little bit of water colour pencil goes a long way here. I’m excited to get to know this paper better.

Monday: Yoda! I wanted to see how the thin clairefontaine sketchbook took to my aqua markers. Not that well, it’s too much water. So I stopped adding wrinkles (Yoda should have more) to keep him from getting too messed up.

Tuesday: Imaginary polaroid of an umbrella. I posted this late tuesday night because I had forgotten my iPad so I couldn’t share it from the road.

Wednesday I didn’t make a commute drawing because I was finishing watching an episode of The Wire in the train. (yay for iPads!)

Thursday: Apple imaginary polaroid. Todays #commutedrawing might be a poison apple, but it sure it pretty.

In which you finally get to see the photos of the Nerdfighter Scavenger Hunt

Checking what we need to find

My girls. (You might remember our totally awesome album cover.)

My stick is bigger then yours



Myrthe, Cindy and the swan head

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Nerdfighter High Tea Gathering

Playing Ninja!

In june I went to a Nerdfighter gathering in Maastricht, everybody brought food and drink and we held a high tea in a park. These are some of the photos I took there. (Olympus Trip with Lomography lady grey film.)

Anna and Ezra and a poster

Hilde and Rolo

Kimmy, Arne, Alice and other nerdfighters


I have a lot more photos of other things as well, I’ve been a bit lazy about posting them here. I also haven’t put them on my Lomo Home yet, but the black and white film roll is mostly on my Flickr account. Hey, it’s summer and I want to spend free time outside (and reading) so I’m not as busy with internet things like I normally am. 🙂 But I’ll do my best to post all of the cool photos eventually.

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