International Nerdfighter Gathering in Maastricht

Ezra crossing his fingers

On the first of February there was an international gathering of nerdfighters in Maastricht. There was quite a large number of us gathered in the space we rented for it. A lot of games were played and it was a lovely day of hanging out with each other. I played a lot of Cards agains Humanity and mostly hung out with people I already knew from previous nerdfighter gatherings I’d attended. Sometimes that’s just all you need. I had brought my camera, but found out that I had forgotten to bring the lens that I had wanted to use. So I did not photograph much with it, but I did capture Ezra warding off evil by crossing his fingers and chopsticks. (See above.)

We were right on the bank of the river Maas and at night there was a beautiful reflection of the lights of a bridge on the water.

Bridge lights

Bridge lights

Bridge lights

I also had my Olympus Trip with me, and I’ll post the analog photos later this week. 🙂

Surprise dance performance in Utrecht


There was some sort of dance performance at the Oudegracht in Utrecht on june 7, I caught the tail end of it. The weather was lovely, and I was walking through the city after having a drink on the edge of the water with a friend when I heard the music and saw the people who were watching the performance. I took out my Olympus Trip and shot some photos.

The dancers where on one side, the viewers on the other.

After the dancing, the lady on the boat gave a speech about putting it all together.

Some more photos I took in Utrecht that day.




Took my Holga on a trip


In the window

First I snapped some shots of things in my neighbourhood, like this blossom tree and the display window of an optician.
But the rest of the film roll is taken up with photos from the Nerdfighter Gathering in Antwerp that I went to. Originally it was a film roll of 24 frames, but for some reason at the lab I got it developed they cut off the roll halfway in frame 17. So whatever was behind that is lost to me, which sucks. It was my first time with this film, Agfaphoto vista 400, and I think I like the results I had with the lomography film in this camera better. Still, there are some nice photos. 🙂


Looking down

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