What I read in September and a deeper look at Wuthering Heights

Look! My videos from this last week and the one before. I have just returned from the Irish Discworld Con which was awesome and lovely. I don’t have any footage from it, since I was too busy taking part to document much.

Anyway, I talked about Wuthering Heights in this video:


And about all of the books I read in September in this one:

I made another Book Talk video, I hope you like it. (I think it’s better than the first one I did.)

Have you read the Casual Vacancy? Let me know what you thought!

The Casual Vacancy on goodreads

My first Book Talk video! I prefer saying talk instead of review, because it is basicly just me talking about a book, but since I give my opinion, it’s also sort of a review.

This was a dificult video to make, I am clearly not yet very good at these kinds of vlogs. I had to edit it a lot and I am also still getting the hang of that. I think it was not the easiest book to do a first book talk video of, but I wanted to talk about it.

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