Holga lens testing


I’ve had my Holga 135 for a while and it is a nice toy camera, so I wanted to do more with it. There are some accessories for Holgas that give you more options as a photographer and I got myself a couple of them.

I had ordered the Holga close up lens set and the wide angle lens and I was excited to start trying them out when I got them. When I opened the package however, it seemed there had been made a mistake and instead of getting the close up lenses I got the prisma lenses that would split the image. Not having a way of using those and them not being what I’d ordered I emailed Lomography.com (where I had ordered them from) with this conundrum. They gave a really fast reply that the correct lenses were on their way to me and that I wouldn’t have to return the wrong ones. Good customer service is good! When the close up lenses arrived they had also given me a free mount for the prisma lenses so I could use them as well.

I put Fuji Superia 200 film (that had expired in 2012) in my Holga and went on to try all my new lenses. I was a little worried about using 200 iso film while my Holga hasn’t got a light meter and can generally do better with 400 iso film, but I just thought I would use the B setting a little more and leave the shutter open a bit longer. I am quite unsteady however and that means I can’t actually use the B setting without the camera being on a tripod or a flat surface, unless I don’t mind having blurry shots. Thankfully it turns out that the wide angle lens actually picks up a bit more light so that helped. (See the shoes at the top of this post.)


I put the Holga on my gorillapod with the wide angle lens on and aimed it at the train window when I was returning home after a late shift at work.

Train window

Train window

Next up I tried out the close up lenses! There are three in the set which have a focal distance of 500 mm, 250 mm and 120 mm. The only way of making sure your subject is in focus is by having it at exactly that distance, which is really hard!

I took some selfies with the 500 mm lens and the diana bulb flash.

Close up self

close up self

I think I look really nice in them, but I could have gotten the focus better.
Of course, I managed it better than with the 250 mm lens:

Thor bothering Fury

Yeah, I was trying to have Lego Thor be in focus. Oops.
But when I got to the 120 mm lens I did not fail!

Nick Fury

Look at the detail on Lego Director Fury!

I also tried out the split lenses that I had gotten by accident. I think some are a little off because the subject (myself) was closer to the camera then what works best for the splitting.

Split selfie Split watertoren

Split Mustache

Split street

Split straatweg

Day of the Doctor and the Anglerfish

Like all Doctor Who fans I was living toward the 50th aniversary special. I had been worried that it wouldn’t live up to the anticipation, that anything would be a let down no matter what. But when I was settling down to watch it I realised it didn’ matter, because I was going to see it with friends who felt the same.

The entire day the five of us spend in The Efteling, a Dutch theme park which is awesome (seriously, if you’re ever in the Netherlands, visit it). The fun started when the five of us, tall and big Dutch adults, squashed ourselfs in Pims little car to go to the park. Bad jokes and a lot of laughter set the tone of the entire day. I love these people. We’re all mad in similar ways so we get each other and we’re all so comfortable with each other. There is no akwardness when someone makes a stupid joke that falls flat, we just move on to the next thing. I don’t have to worry about what they think of me because I know they think I’m just as awesome as I think they are.

In the evening we all ate pancakes and settled in for Day of the Doctor. We all enjoyed it immensly and it blew our minds in all the same places. Sharing being a fan of something is awesome. We discussed the episode over a couple of beers and it was a good day.

In other news: there is a new Anglerfish! Full off Doctor Who goodies, for all of us who are going through withdrawal after Day of the Doctor.


I drew a Martha! The article that this illustrations goes with is critical of the writing of her character, but I just wanted to draw her because I think she’s a boss. I like Martha Jones. And my problems with the writing wasn’t about her character but about how her character was treated. Still, I think the article is an interesting take on why fandom is so divided on Martha Jones.

There is also an article on Selfie culture, and I illustrated that too:


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