In which you get to see an illustration and a link to the newest issue of The Anglerfish


My illustration of Jennifer Lawrence for the newest issue of The Anglerfish! It is the illustration for an article called Jennifer Lawrence Stands Up For You, about body image and misrepresentation in the media. Jennifer Lawrence speaks up about these things, loving her body and loving food. So I gave her a pizza halo. 🙂 She likes pizza, nerdfighters like pizza, I like pizza, it seemed logical to me!
Go check out the issue! It’s full of Hunger Games awesomeness and other things.

Do you like this illustration? Let me know in the comments! I’m also thinking of using this type of headlines for my posts more often, like the chapter descriptions in old adventure books. “In which our hero discovers an evil plot and tries to warn the Countess” So let me know what you think of that too.

A Supernatural Anglerfish

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a new issue of The Anglerfish out! This time it is full with all sorts of Supernatural things. It also contains an interview with the awesome Emily Graslie of The Brainscoop fame, something which I love. I think Emily is amazing and watching her videos make me excited about science and learning about the world.

But the illustrations I made this issue were not of Emily, but of Supernatural! This time I tackled the Supernatural Fandom article: The Moose, the Pie-Eater and the Angel, written by Melissa-Lynn Heineman. When I was working on them I teased the sketches I was doing on instagram, and this is how they changed into the final product.

First I made a drawing of Dean Winchester:

And then I scanned it and made it into a white drawing on a black background. (To match the title page I had already made digitally, you can see that in the issue on page 7.)

Dean sketch

Next up was Sam Winchester!

Sam sketch

Finally I put them in one illustration and this is how they appeared in the issue:

Sam and Dean

I like working on the design and the illustration simultaneously because I can match them exactly. So I can fit it so that the edge between Sam and Dean matches up with the fold of the pages. If I had started the illustration way before the design, I would not have been able to match it so perfectly. It’s how we get such a fun mix of different kind of pages in the magazine, some of us work with both the design and the illustration (go look at the awesome pages on Vampires, and Werewolves, and Ghosts, oh my! and The Myths of Saint Patrick, made by David Pantoja and Kat Taylor!) and some of us illustrate and then hand it over to a designer. I like working with awesome illustrations done by others too. 😀

About drawing, hair and a tattoo


Look I made a portrait in Paper by 53 on my iPad!

I haven’t been drawing much lately, and I miss it. It always takes me a while to realise it, because it’s not as if I’m not doing other things that I like with the time that I’m not drawing. I play games, I read, I watch tv shows, I take photographs and edit them. (Soon I will start sharing more photos again!) So sometimes my sketchbook lays forgotten and neglected in the mess that is my home.

Until I started with pencil and paper again for the illustrations I did for the current issue of The Anglerfish (it’s out now, and I’ll share some more on my work in it later). The last couple of issues I’ve been working on fully digital illustrations because I want to develop that side of me more, and it’s been fun and I’m mostly happy with the results. But I haven’t actually done much analog drawing and picking up a pencil again made me realise how much I miss it.
So yesterday, in the train on my way to work, I took out my sketchbook and decided to just try something. I often feel like drawing but never start because I haven’t got an idea for what to draw yet.

It’s just some quick sketching and not all that interesting, but it gave me a boost. I should stop worrying about not having an idea for what to draw yet and just put the pencil on the paper and start. I think my commutes are good places to start.

And the fun thing is, that drawing analog made me take out my iPad this morning and continue on a page in Paper that I had started a while back. I came across the blog of Michael Rose a couple of weeks ago, and he has some very nice tutorials for mastering Paper. Even if you don’t actually want to make painting like pages, it’s still fun to see how he works his layers. I recommend it if you’ve got the app. Made Mistakes.

I also tried a new hairstyle today.

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Trying a new hairstyle today. #hairadventures

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Sometimes I find it hard to believe the person in the picture is me. I look so artsy and cool. (But then I just have to look at the rejected selfies before I got one that was good enough and I remember that I am still just a person, and that’s okay.)

If my old self of several years ago would see me now, she’d be amazed that I can be this person. That the only thing needed for pulling of purple hair is to dye your hair purple. It’s not that I feel like I missed out on trying different styles when I was younger, I wasn’t very interested in dying my hair and experimenting with it then (other than the occasional CUT IT ALL OFF impulse), but that it could be so simple to just try things would not have occurred to her in the same sense as it’s a part of me now. This isn’t a big, radial change in me. It’s one that happened over time, like all real changes do.

It can still be scary. Like planning my trip to Saint Petersburg is. I’m going there in June to get a tattoo by artist Sasha Unisex (I’ve wanted a tattoo for a long time now) and to have a week vacation on my own. I’ve been stressing out like you wouldn’t believe, but it’s so worth it. 🙂 I’ve got my appointment, paid a deposit, took time of work, booked a flight and and B&B and now I feel like it’s really happening. I still need to get a visa, which is the biggest hassle EVER, and get myself a good guide book on the city so I can start making a plan of what I want to see and do while I’m there (fun!). But the big things are arranged and now I get to enjoy the prospect of how awesome my life is going to be for the foreseeable future.

How amazing is it that I get to do stuff like this? That I have a job that I love and that I can take time off for awesome things. That I can afford all of this? That I have this life in which I don’t have to ask anybody for permission to fly to Russia to get a tattoo. I can’t wait for this trip, and I feel privileged that I get to make it.

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