The Anglerfish is a year old!

At the end of December the eleventh issue of The Anglerfish came out, and skipping one month in summer we managed to come out with a pretty awesome issue each month. We’re all currently busy with the new issue that will come out at the end of january, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we accomplished in the last year. I’ve been a part of The Anglerfish since the first issue, and for a project we all do in our spare time while we’re busy with our lives and work and studies, I think it’s amazing that we’ve kept up with it.

I love working for The Anglerfish. Yes, sometimes I don’t feel like taking time out of my weekend days to work when I already work fulltime the rest of the week, but I always love actually doing the lay out and making the illustrations. I love that I get to try new things and push myself.

This issues theme is all things Disney, so go have a look! You’ll notice this illustration in the Art and Literature section in the back, which is for submitted works made by our readers:

Tiny and Jack

What if the Nightmare Before Christmas and A Muppet Christmas Carrol suddenly took place in the same universe? We would get Santa Jack Skellington trying to cheer up Muppet Tiny Tim with a possibly terribly scary present!

I originally made this to accompany a movie club article, which is a series that we have, but due to some problems there was no article to publish so my illustration was left in limbo. We decided (well, I decided, since I always do that section) to put it in the Art and Literature section so it wouldn’t go to waste. I keep improving with every new thing I try illustration wise, and I think this is a good one, both in work (though there are always things that could be better) and in concept and lay out. I originally planned to have the text run around the colour edges, so as to emphasize the round snowgloby background.

Halloween! A post that is late

And just like that it’s been a month since I posted anything here. A Whole month in which I worked on a new issue of The Anglerfish, went to FACTS, celebrated my nieces 3rd birthday and joined my nephews on a Halloween walk that scared the crap out of them. A month in which I lost my internet connection and re-established it, started my own Redbubble shop and watched a bunch of tv-shows and films.

So, Halloween! It’s an American holiday that is becoming more and more a part of Dutch culture too. I like it, I used to be a scaredy cat when I was little but now I love scary things. (Possibly because I don’t find them to be super scary anymore but just fun.) So in the week before Halloween when I was at my brothers to celebrate my nieces third birthday (I got her dress up wings and my little ponies and she enjoyed being all sweet and cuddly with me) at night there was also a Halloween themed walk that I joined my nephews on (4 and 6 years old). It was at night, we all got lanterns and there were people dressed up as all sorts of creepy crawly things hidden in the woods and telling stories, it was awesome. My youngest nephew got a little too scared, so in some parts I carried him and kept him away from any hidden monsters I could spot. I thought the walk was very cool and a great way of incorporating the holiday into our own lives without trying to trick-or-treat in a place where very few people would actually have candy to give out. On the actual evening of Halloween I got home late from work and spend the night building this awesome Haunted House lego set that I had treated myself to while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, a film which I love with all my heart.

And speaking of Halloween, it was naturally the theme of the October issue of The Anglerfish, for which I drew the cover. That’s right! I did a cover!

Halloween cover

This is the version without the logo, go look at the actual magazine to see it in context.

I’ll discuss some of the other stuff I did this month in other posts!

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