In which random photos of things get shown

Sunny stairs

These are the last photos of the Black and White Ilford roll that I had in my Olympus Trip. I tend to carry at least one camera with me, so at times I have random photos of things I spotted. These are the ‘things I see’ photos of that film roll. Most of them are taken at the train stations I frequent as a commuter.



Lady waiting


Moving train

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This weeks commute drawings

My work week goes from Sundays to Thursdays (Because the papers come out on Monday to Friday), so those are the days in which I try and draw during my 45 minute train commute. This week I made four commute drawings, on the fifth day of the week I was too engrossed in my book to put it down. (I was finishing The Cuckoo’s Calling and I could not stop!)

I’ve been mixing it up by trying to use the different drawing tools I carry with me.

Sunday: based off a lady I saw standing on the platform waiting for my train to depart. I only saw her for a moment so most of this is my imagination, and I re-drew her head many times. The Moleskine paper disappointed me because each time I used my eraser some of the creamy colour (which I love as a base) came off as well and would leave white spots. Her face had gotten really white, but using the markers negated that. The colours are based on the markers I happened to put in my bag when I left home. (The actual lady was wearing vastly different ones.) Pencil and markers in my Moleskine sketchbook.

Monday: a fairy! Derwents water soluble sketch pencil Light wash and a water brush in my Moleskine sketchbook. I don’t use these pencils often, but they are actually pretty awesome. I want to do a larger drawing with them on actual water colour paper at some point, and make use of the fact that I have light, medium and dark wash, to get a wider tonal spectrum.

Tuesday: a portrait of an imaginary girl. Portraits like this are kind of my comfort zone, I have been drawing faces since forever. I like this one and it was good practice to have her looking up a bit. 🙂 Pencil in my Moleskine sketchbook.

Wednesday: Spring has arrived early in The Netherlands. (We barely had a winter to speak of). Graphite pencil and watercolour pencils with a water brush in my Moleskine sketchbook. It’s al right, but I’m not too impressed with this one. I didn’t really feel like drawing and it took me a while to come up with a subject, so it was not an easygoing process this time. That also might have had an effect on why I didn’t make one for Thursday, in addition to not wanting to stop reading.

Commute drawing

The last couple of days when I took the train to work instead of staring out the window and zoning out to my music, or reading or checking tumblr, I decided to draw in my sketchbook. I greatly enjoy messing about with pencil and just doing some loose sketching. So now I’m going to sketch on my commute regularly, and keep the zoning out, reading and tumblr for the way back home when I’m tired from working anyway. The music stays on both trips. 🙂

I start by looking around for an idea on what to draw, often that will be someone or something in the train with me, because it’s not about being super creative, but it’s about the simple joy of drawing. It doesn’t really matter whether I’m drawing something interesting or good. But when I do get an idea for something fantastical I am not obligated to make my commute drawing actually relate to being a commuter. So this is my plan! I’ll share the drawings by putting a picture of them on my instagram (like I did for my draw every day challenge for a month last year).

Since I started this in the middle of the week, I don’t have a lot commute drawings to show yet, but here they are!
(In addition to the first one I shared in this post.)

26 feb 2014. A sketch of the lady who sat across from me.

27 feb 2014. Inspired by a little boy in the train. I pretended like it wasn’t raining. Pencil and promarker in my Moleskine sketchbook.

A collection of things I see

View from a train

I always carry some sort of camera around so that when I see something that interest me I can try and capture it. I don’t always take out the camera, and when I do I’m not always succesful. The photos that are join my collection of things I see.



Sun and lines

Light and dark

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