In which random photos of things get shown

Sunny stairs

These are the last photos of the Black and White Ilford roll that I had in my Olympus Trip. I tend to carry at least one camera with me, so at times I have random photos of things I spotted. These are the ‘things I see’ photos of that film roll. Most of them are taken at the train stations I frequent as a commuter.



Lady waiting


Moving train

For more photos check my Flickr account.

Waiting for the train

I spend a lot of time at the trainstation because I commute between Utrecht and Amsterdam. A lot of my daily photos are therefore taken while I’m on a platform waiting for a train. And I’m not the only one waiting, so I try to capture my fellow travelers on film.



Angles Fur

I’ve been trying to shoot from the hip/not use the viewfinder, because people won’t notice me taking a photo of them as quickly and because the viewfinder isn’t always reliable in a toy camera like the Diana so I would like to become less depended on it. I still have to practice it more, and I think I’ll have better luck with 120mm film. Still, I quite like the crooked results.

Yellow Girl

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